College Republicans at San Diego State University have issued a “Teachers vs. Preachers” list to guide students through class selection this spring.

“Does your professor have an agenda?” the students ask in a release accompanying the list.

“Avoid professors who use the classroom as a soapbox … we have identified excellent professors and several professors and administrators who are the biggest contributors to left-wing bias and indoctrination at San Diego State University,” a Facebook post by the group reads. “Use this list as a tool when registering for classes this Spring.”

The student group identified 29 professors this year, declaring them to either “teach” the subject that they have been hired to teach or “preach” their political biases in the classroom.

Not everyone on Facebook agrees with the list, although the College Republicans' students have their reasoning.

One professor deemed a “preacher” called Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a “war criminal” and questioned why there was an outpouring of sympathy for him following his cancer diagnosis. Another professor, also deemed a “preacher,” was recently investigated by the California Department of Justice for discriminating against white students due to his bias towards Native Americans.

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“Left-wing indoctrination is more alive today than ever, especially at SDSU… California College Republicans are leading the fight against liberalism on our college campuses” SDSU College Republican president Brandon Jones told Red Alert Politics.

The College Republicans chose professors based on an hour-long conversation at a chapter meeting during the Fall semester. They also opened up suggestions to others through a Google Forum, but the poll was flooded by leftist trolls suggesting preachers such as “Karl Marx.”

The ingenuitive, yet controversial “Teachers vs. Preachers” list was originally published by SDSU College Republicans in 2012. The current members of the SDSU College Republicans created the updated version and published it on Jan. 5.

SDSU did not provide a comment in time for publication.

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