Democrats have a strong ally in Hispanic TV news provided by Univision and Telemundo, with their audience of 3 million being fed news on immigration, Obamacare and even religion with a strong leftward bias, according to a new survey of nearly 1,000 stories on the cable networks.

The bottom line: By a margin of six to one, the Spanish-speaking Hispanic TV leans liberal in stories, particularly in reports about U.S. domestic policy, according to the first report from the new MRC Latino, an arm of the conservative Media Research Center.

The Center, which has called out liberal bias in network TV for years, prompting some to even out their political bias, hopes that their new group will do the same for Latino TV. What their report found was the type of bias seen most on cable TV.

Among the results:

— Univision leans left the most, with 50 percent of their stories tilting liberal.

-- The Hispanic giants quoted Democrats three to one over Democrats, with President Obama and his team leading the way.

— Pro-Obamacare sources were quoted in stories about the troubled health insurance system by a margin of five to one over critics.

— In a review of 103 immigration reform stories, 66 tilted left, only nine leaned conservative and the rest were down the middle.

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