Americans trust "The Daily Show" as a news source more than they trust MSNBC, according to a new study from the Brookings Institution.

Only 5 percent of those surveyed named MSNBC as their most trusted news source to “provide accurate information about politics and current events,” versus 8 percent for Comedy Central's news parody and political comedy show.

The most trusted news source, according to the study, was Fox News, which was listed by 25 percent of respondents.

Even self-identified Democrats and liberals don’t put the left-leaning MSNBC among their most trusted. For Democrats, MSNBC ranks above Fox News and just barely above the “Daily Show." For liberals, MSNBC only ranks above Fox News.

Even 26 percent of Independents listed Fox as their most trusted television news source, with just 4 percent listing MSNBC. Nearly three times as many Independents trust the “Daily Show” than MSNBC.

Perhaps this is why MSNBC lost nearly a quarter of its prime-time audience in 2013, and 15.5 percent of its daytime audience, while Fox News has more viewers than both MSNBC and CNN combined.

The study was conducted by Brookings and the Public Religion Research Institute to show American’s attitudes toward immigration reform and how television news networks influenced the debate.

Among the authors of the Brookings study is E.J. Dionne, a Washington Post columnist and MSNBC contributor. Ouch.