President Obama doesn't just rail against the conservative media. According to a new media study, he has gone out of his way to duck questions from the cable network popular among conservatives, Fox News.

Smart Politics, part of the University of Minnesota, has just revealed that Fox News is a distant ninth of all outlets called on by Obama in 36 solo news conferences in his first term. Their analysis found that Fox got only 14 questions in, a rate at less than 40 percent. And their reporter has been called on only once in the last six news conferences. Ed Henry asked about Benghazi on November 14.

According to the study, ABC leads in getting called on with 29 questions. The top 10 are:

1. ABC-29 questions.

2. CBS-28.

3. Associated Press-27.

4. NBC-26.

5. Bloomberg-20.

6. Reuters-17.

7 (tie). New York Times-16.

7 (tie). CNN-16.

9. Fox-14.

10. Washington Post-11.

Obama also has his favorites like NBC's Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper, formerly with ABC. The top 10 Obama favorites are:

1 (tie). NBC's Chuck Todd-23 questions.

1 (tie). ABC's Jake Tapper-23.

3. CBS's Chip Reid-14.

4. AP's Ben Feller-13

5. Bloomberg's Julianna Goldman-11.

6. Ed Henry, first with CNN now Fox-9.

7 (tie). Hans Nichols with Bloomberg-7.

7 (tie). Major Garrett, first with Fox now CBS-7.

9 (tie). Jackie Calmes, New York Times-6.

9 (tie). Jennifer Loven, AP-6.