It ain't easy being cheesy

An orange trail of Cheetos led police in South Carolina to a burglary suspect's hideout.

Police said 19-year-old Austin Lee Westfall Presler broke into a convenience store and made off with $160 worth of beer, cigarettes, snacks and energy drinks.

On the way out he punctured a couple of bags of Cheetos, which ended up strewn all over the store's floor and stomped on. The trail led out the doorway, all the way to a parking lot across the street, where witnesses said Presler had parked his car.

Police went to a nearby home where Presler was staying and found the car and fresh Cheetos on the front porch.

The hippie headlock

A Portland, Ore., man with dreadlocks is accused of using his long hair to choke his girlfriend.

The boyfriend, Caleb Grotberg, 32, was gone by the time Portland police responded to a report of domestic violence.

Despite Portland's reputation as a city full of white guys with dreadlocks, police were able to identify Grotberg and take him into custody.

Facebook face-palm

An Oregon teenager was busted for drunken driving after he posted on Facebook about crashing his car on the way home.

Police in Astoria, Ore., said they were contacted by Facebook friends of Jacob Cox-Brown, 18, after he posted:

"Drivin drunk ... classsic ;) but to whoever's vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P"

Police had been investigating a hit-and-run crash involving a parked car being sideswiped. Investigators said they checked out Cox-Brown's car and it had sustained damage consistent with the hit-and-run.

Cox-Brown was charged with failing to perform the duties of a driver.