Hasn't he been punished enough?

A police officer in Wilmington, Del., was arrested for having two wives at the same time.

Wilbur Justice, 45, was arrested after the Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement notified the city that a background investigation found Justice is married to two women. Justice married one woman in 2008 then married another in September.

The marriages are Justice's third and fourth for the twice-divorced cop.


A man accused of driving drunk at more than 140 mph crashed into a billboard has missed any jail time.

Dean A. Suominen, 37, was cited after his Dodge Charger struck a billboard in Naperville, Ill, reports the Chicago Tribune. Suominen pleaded guilty to DUI and reckless driving, and was sentenced to probation.

According to prosecutors, the car's computer system indicated the Charger was traveling at 142 mph just before it left the road.

After rescue workers pulled him from the wreckage, Suominen's blood alcohol registered a level of .20. The legal limit in Illinois is .08.

... and dumber

Authorities said a Fairfield, Ill., man was arrested twice in one day: The first time for drunk driving and the second for urinating on the jail after he posted bail.

Keith Kline, 45, was taken to the Wayne County jail at about 3:45 p.m. where he was booked on a charge of drunken driving.

About 30 minutes later, after completing the booking process and posting bond, Kline was released -- but only briefly.

The trooper who booked Kline said he watched on the jail's video surveillance system as Kline walked out of the jail and proceeded to urinate on the steps of the jail entrance.

The trooper arrested Kline again on a charge of disorderly conduct. Kline posted bond again, and made it off the property without a second pit stop.