Dumb and bombs don't mix

A California man was injured when the homemade pipe bomb he was making detonated inside his home.

Frank Trout apparently dropped a lit fuse into a bucket filled with a mix that included gunpowder, setting off an explosion, police told the Contra Costa Times.

As firefighters responded, Trout drove to a hospital with burns to his hands and face.

Trout told police that he was making the devices because he liked fireworks and wanted to see them explode. The home, which sustained flash damage and a few broken windows, is a block away from both an elementary school and a high school.

Just in time for the Darwin Awards 2012

A man running from police in upstate New York discovered the hard way that firing back over his shoulder isn't as easy as it looks in the movies.

Binghamton Police say Robert Garcia likely shot himself in the head accidentally.

Police say Garcia started the gunfire by shooting a female officer in the ear at point-blank range. She was treated at a hospital.

Garcia, 20, fled and shot wildly over his shoulder while running from two officers. Police said they shot him in the back, and he shot himself in the head. He died.

A friend of Bill

A man faces a drunken driving charge after driving onto the lawn of a historic home once owned by the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Vermont State Police say 55-year-old Donald Blood III thought he was driving into a parking lot, but actually it was the lawn of the Wilson House. The house is the birthplace of AA co-founder Bill Wilson and is described on the house's website as a "place of sanctuary."