Junk in the trunk

Two New York City woman were arrested after allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine inside the homemade diapers they were wearing.

Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport from the Dominican Republic when a drug-sniffing dog alerted customs agents to something strange around Pena's midsection.

An agent patted down both women and found a hard object around their stomach and buttocks.

A partial strip search revealed diapers containing about 15 pounds of cocaine, CBS New York reports.

Wing nuts

Two Atlanta men were arrested after they allegedly tried to steal 26,000 pounds of chicken wings, reports CBS Atlanta.

Both men were employees at a cold storage facility where the frozen Tyson chicken wings were stolen.

The men allegedly backed a rental truck to a bay door at the center and proceeded to load up 10 pallets of Tyson frozen chicken wings.

Police estimated the value of the stolen wings to be $65,000.

The timing of the theft coincides with this weekend's Super Bowl. Poultry industry officials estimate about 1.2 billion wings will be consumed over the weekend.

It's Utah. Can't she just marry both?

A Utah man stole a truck so he could race to stop an ex-girlfriend from getting married, police report.

Andrew Curtis, 30, was charged with felony theft of a vehicle.

"Stealing a car to stop a wedding? Haven't seen it, not in my career," Cpl. Justin Hoyal told the Los Angeles Times.

Police said Curtis stole a truck that had been left running and drove to see his ex-girlfriend, then crashed the vehicle in a church parking lot, causing $1,000 of damage.

Despite Curtis' efforts, the ex-girlfriend would not talk to him.

- Scott McCabe