Oedipus Rx

It was apparently a Freudian slip of the tongue.

A mother was arrested after authorities said she slipped drugs to her son in a New York jail during an opened-mouth kiss.

Kimberly Margeson, 54, is alleged to have given William Partridge, 30, the Oxycodone pills when they locked lips during a jailhouse visit, reports The Smoking Gun website.

Two powerful painkiller pills passed "from her mouth to her son's mouth when she kissed him," according to the Yates County Sheriff's Deputies report.

Mom Margeson was charged with a felony drug count. She and Partridge were also each charged with promoting prison contraband.

A crime dog's short commute

A Florida man apparently thought he was safe when he set up a pot-growing tent in the woods near a police dog training facility.

A drug-sniffing dog in-training discovered the operation while practicing in a nearby field in New Smyrna, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The dog became excited and pulled its handler off a trail, into the woods and to the tent.

Authorities found 79 pot plants and about a pound of cultivated marijuana.

The investigation led agents to a nearby trailer and a 38-year-old suspect, who was charged with two felonies.


A South Dakota grandmother got four speeding tickets in less than three hours, including one for going 112 mph.

Loretta Lacy raced 525 miles from Sioux Falls, S.D., to Racine, Wis., to make it to her granddaughter's middle-school dance, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Lacy was first pulled over by a state trooper for doing 112 mph and ticketed for speeding, having no proof of no insurance, and possession of marijuana.

Lacy, 49, kept going, getting a second ticket for going 99 mph and two more for going 88 mph.

With all the unplanned stops, Lacy didn't make it to the dance on time.