Losers weepers

A New Hampshire man accused of pilfering items from a second-hand store says he was confused by the business's name: Finders Keepers.

Police said Ruben Pavon was shown on video taking a grill from the porch of the thrift shop.

"I thought it was there for the taking," he told WCVB-TV in Boston. "The sign did say 'Finders Keepers.' So I took that DVD player, took it home. A couple of weeks later, the stuff is still there on the porch, so I'm thinking to myself, 'Finders Keepers. They probably just put stuff out there for people to take.' "

The video shows a child helping Pavon.

"I just want to clear my name and say I'm not a bad dad," he said. "I'm the best dad in the world."

Stupid peepers

Two men with the same first and last names fell through a rest room ceiling, police said, as they tried to spy on women in Georgia movie theater.

According to wasbtv.com, the men went up through the men's restroom, crawled to the women's and then fell inside the stalls.

Eduard Petrovich Kovynev, 26, and Eduard Alexander Kovynev, 27, are both charged with being a Peeping Tom and criminal damage to property.

Pee keepers

Authorities in Connecticut are determining whether criminal charges should be brought against a man who stored 300 gallons of human urine in his home.

According to the Newstimes.com, health officials found "200 to 300 one-gallon plastic jugs" filled with urine.

The average person produces about six cups of urine a day. The urine was sent to be treated at a sewage-treatment plant.