How I arrested your mother

A teenager in Nebraska was arrested on bank robbery charges after she made a YouTube video bragging about the armed holdup and the theft of a car.

In the eight-minute video, titled "Chick Bank Robber," 19-year-old Hannah Sabata holds up handwritten signs describing the crime sprees, which she wrote was "the best day of my life."

Sabata then jingles a set of car keys and fans herself with a bundle of cash.

She ends the video with a claim that she committed the crimes because the government took custody of her baby.

Law enforcement authorities said they didn't know about the video until after her arrest.

Six-feet plunder

A Nebraska man is accused of impersonating a funeral director to retrieve the engagement rings he gave his now-dead fiancee, reports the Lincoln Journal-Star.

Police say Terry Kurtzhals, 58, showed up claiming to represent the woman's family and requesting to see the casket.

Kurtzhals used to be a licensed mortician but lost his license in 1996 and went to prison for theft for mishandling clients' money.

Someone else reported Kurtzhals voted illegally on Election Day. He wasn't eligible because of his criminal record. In addition to the impersonation charge, he was charged with illegal voting.

She was sentenced to 10 more minutes

Police in Maine say a man called them to complain that a prostitute hadn't given him his money's worth.

The Portsmouth Herald reported that Scott Pipher, 34, told police that a woman he'd hired "shorted him by 10 minutes."

The complaint led to an eight-month investigation, resulting in the arrests of two women believed to be prostitutes contacted by Pipher through a website. It also resulted in Pipher's arrest.

- Scott McCabe