Losing weight

A Georgia woman is facing charges after police said she dropped weights, plates and beer mugs from an 18th-story balcony at people down below.

Witnesses said they heard a woman, later identified as Chloe Chalavoutis, screaming from a balcony above, go back into her apartment and emerge with another weight.

Construction company owner Everton Archer told WSBTV that one of the weights landed just inches from him.

"Anything from that distance hits you on the head, you're liable to get damage," he said.

Happy Meal, happy ending

A woman working at a McDonald's got a surprise when her stolen SUV pulled up in the drive-thru.

Virginia Maiden reported the 1995 Toyota 4Runner stolen, then went to her job. Minutes later, while working the drive-thru, Maiden noticed her vehicle waiting to place an order.

Police arrested 22-year-old Katherine A. York. She was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and could be facing more charges after police found a large amount of clothing in the vehicle that still had the security tags on it.

This is not 'Nam, this is bowling. There are rules.

A Florida man was taken to the hospital after a gun was accidentally discharged at a bowling alley.

The man was in possession of the weapon and bowling when the gun discharged, striking him in the leg. It was not immediately known what caused the gun to fire.

His wounds were not life-threatening. There were no other injuries reported, and the man will not face charges.

- Scott McCabe