Neighborly advice

A 37-year-old man was re-arrested after he showed up at a Utah state trooper's home to complain about his arrest last year for drunk driving.

Salt Lake City police said Gordon Bell was drunk and had a beer in his hand when he showed up at the home of a neighbor who is a Utah Highway Patrol trooper, the Deseret News in Salt Lake City reported.

Police said the neighbor had called 911 last year to say he suspected Bell of driving while intoxicated.

When Bell showed up at the trooper's home, the family called the officer, who was on duty, and he rushed home.

Bell tried to walk away when the trooper told him police were on the way. The trooper ended up taking Bell into custody himself until city police arrived.

Oral contract

A man and woman were arrested at a gas station in Tennessee after the woman said she agreed to perform sexual favors on the man in exchange for a better deal on a car.

Witnesses reportedly called 911 after seeing the two in the BP gas station parking lot.

Crystal Frantzen, 28, told police that she had performed oral sex on Gary Tipton, 58, because she wanted a discount on Tipton's used Cadillac. At that point Frantzen and Tipton were placed under arrest.

Frantzen was charged with prostitution, while Tipton faces charges of patronizing a prostitute.

Gun control, or lack thereof

An armed bank robber in Florida lost his gun after he set the weapon on the counter.

Melbourne police told News13 in Central Florida that the bank robber set the gun down on the counter as he stuffed money into a bag. The bank teller grabbed the suspect's gun, and the man fled. He was last seen on a bicycle heading north.