Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

A Virginia man apologized to his parents after getting busted for making meth in their home.

Adam Kuykendall, of Chesapeake, made the apology after he was sentenced to three years in jail, reported NewsChannel 3.

"It was no Heisenberg operation or nothing like that," Kuykendall said. "It's just simple things that can be put together and done out of a single bottle."

It's uncertain whether Kuykendall was referring to or the Nobel Prize-winning German physicist or the Heisenberg character on the hit show "Breaking Bad."

Ninjas with guns?

An Illinois teenager who was shot in the groin blamed it on a pair of ninjas, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The teen told police that two men wearing all black with ninja masks jumped out and one of them shot him with a semi-automatic handgun.

But after interviewing other witnesses and reviewing surveillance video, the police concluded that the ninjas did not exist.

The teen later admitted that he was driving in a vehicle with several girls and playing with the gun when it discharged on his lap and struck him.

On the lam-borghini

Police in California were searching for a man and woman who crashed their $250,000 Lamborghini and then fled.

The couple had purchased the 2008 black Lamborghini Murcielego sports car earlier in the day before slamming the luxury sports car into a wall near San Diego.

The man and woman ran away and left the quarter-million dollar car on the side of the road.

The driver faces could face hit-and-run charges.