Rodent rage

A pair of disgruntled bar patrons in western Pennsylvania showed their displeasure by tossing a groundhog and grouse into the tavern. The animals were dead.

Brookville police Chief Ken Dworek told the Associated Press that the suspects were angry after getting thrown out of Bill's Bar because one was drunk and the other underage.

The use of animals is a fairly common in Brookville, Dworek said.

"A guy will get in an argument," he said. "and put a dead squirrel on his girlfriend's doorknob, that kind of thing."

Accidental Racist

A Houston-area schoolteacher charged with inappropriately touching an African-American first-grader defended herself by saying she doesn't like to touch black children.

A 7-year-old girl said the teacher inappropriately touched her on the outside of her clothes.

Esther Stokes, 61, told detectives that she "doesn't like to touch the black students because she [is] prejudiced," charging documents said.

Further bolstering her defense, Stokes said that she "does not like the [girl]" and has "very little to no interaction" with her, charging documents said.


A traveler was stopped at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York after he mentioned that he had a bomb in his luggage.

A Transportation Security Administration officer overheard Jason Cruz, 29, tell a friend that he "had the wrong kind of bomb," reports The New York Post.

Officials took Cruz into a holding room, where authorities learned that Cruz was referring to a deli sandwich called the Bomb.

The TSA agent who reported the bomb comment explained that she had only caught a snippet of the conversation. Cruz was released, but not in time to make his flight.