Game over

Police say a man dressed as Super Mario groped a woman in New York City's Times Square.

An NYPD spokesman says Damon Torres, 34, was charged with forcible touching after the street performer allegedly blocked a 58-year-old woman's path and grabbed her thigh.

He was also charged with possession of marijuana. Stan Renton, a street hawker, called the Times Square street performers "nothing but bums in costumes."

"They should get real jobs," Renton told the New York Daily News. "I can't believe people let them near their kids."

Miss Congeniality

A New Mexico beauty queen was arrested after police say she drunkenly crashed her car and knocked out power to hundreds of businesses and homes. But that didn't stop Miss Las Cruces from smiling for her booking photo. Sarah Richardson, 22, crashed her PT Cruiser into a light pole, which toppled over and hit a traffic light, and caused a four car pileup.

The crash left about 1,700 customers without power overnight. Richardson faces an aggravated DWI charge.

Take the cake, leave the cat

An Illinois family was awakened to find an intruder eating their coffee cake and petting their cat.

Daniel Bailey, 32, said he'd run out of gas and knocked on the door of the home but went inside when no one answered.

The residents said they found Bailey sitting on the stairs playing with their cat, their Christmas tree lights on, candles lit and the TV on in the living room, according to Fox 32 News in Chicago.

Bailey reportedly allowed deputies to search his car, which was indeed out of gas.

Inside the car, police found items taken from the family's fridge, including two cans of beer, two frozen dinners, three frozen pizzas and a box of Hot Pockets. Police also found two glass marijuana pipes.