The rent is too damn high

A thief who stole a brand new Corvette convertible from a dealership in San Diego -- in 1989 -- finally came clean after it became too expensive to store.

Police recovered the stolen car from the storage facility and found that the cherry-red Corvette had almost never been driven.

It had just 67 miles on it, and "still had that new-car smell on the inside," Det. Andrew Spear told the Los Angeles Times.

San Diego police said the man did not face charges since he cooperated with police. Police estimated that over more than two decades he paid $70,000 for the space.

Oh, baby

A baby boy is safe after police said his father left him behind at a Daytona Beach liquor store/strip club.

Kenneth Rowe Jr., 26, brought the infant to the Shark Lounge and Liquor Store.

Rowe asked the clerk to watch the 11-month-old baby while he went out for a smoke, reported WESH-TV in Orlando.

Rowe ran, but ultimately returned and was apparently drunk, authorities said.

Rowe has been charged with child neglect, and the baby has been returned to his mother.

Sweet dreams

Police say two California teenagers used prescription sleeping medication to drug the milkshakes of their parents so they could use the Internet.

The parents called police, and the 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old friend were taken to juvenile hall. The Sacramento Bee reports the girls offered to pick up milkshakes at a fast-food restaurant for the parents of one of the girls.

The drug was mixed into the shakes, authorities said, and the couple fell asleep. The suspicious parents picked up a drug test kit the following day.

The girls told investigators they wanted to use the Internet, which the parents shut down at 10 p.m.

It's unclear what the girls did online.