A bucket of dumb

Police in Louisiana say a burglar had to improvise after he forgot his disguise.

Richard Boudreaux, 23, brought most of what he needed to rob Kenney's Seafood business where he previously worked, according to police quoted by WVUE-TV, the Fox News affiliate in New Orleans.

Boudreaux had his tools, his camouflage outfit and gloves. Only he didn't have his mask.

Police said Boudreaux knew the business had surveillance cameras so he covered his head with a bucket as he searched for money.

The cameras still caught glimpses of Boudreaux's face, and he was quickly identified.

Revenge of the nerds

A self-styled video prankster was arrested for battery after he allegedly gave wedgies to strangers outside a Florida movie theater.

Manatee County Sheriff's investigators reported that Charles Ross, 18, grabbed people by the back of the pants and pulled them up, but that they "were too embarrassed to want to pursue charges." That didn't matter though, because in each instance, a Ross associate "was filming the crime with a camera," providing ample evidence.

A police report said Ross is known for videotaping pranks and harassing people in Manatee County, then putting the footage on YouTube. A recent video of Ross kissing strangers has garnered nearly 400,000 views.

Dog's worst enemy

The manager at a New York housing complex was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for entering a tenant's apartment and having sex with a Labrador retriever.

Kujtim Nicaj, 44, pleaded guilty in October to burglary as a sexually motivated felony and to sexual misconduct.

Prosecutors said the incident was captured in February on cameras set up by the apartment owner, who suspected someone had been breaking in.

Nicaj will have to register as a sex offender.