This actually happened to Ben Giles

An Arizona burglar broke into an apartment and took a few valuables, but left behind a few personal items of his own.

When former Washington Examiner reporter Ben Giles came home and found the burglar's belongings, he left a "thank you"message for the suspect on his own Facebook page.

"I'd like to thank the guys who robbed my apartment while I was gone for leaving a driver's license and cigarette lighter behind as evidence.

"Now when the police catch you, I can ask why you left a package of frozen egg rolls in my laundry basket."

Police are still investigating.

A really stupi crime

An Oregon man threatened to blow up a state building over a misspelled sign, according to the Statesman Journal.

Police said Leonard Burdek, 50, placed a pressure cooker with wires on the counter in front of the receptionist for the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission. He said the agency's sign was missing a 'd.'

Burdek tried to blow up the sign, but the bomb failed to detonate. He blamed the failure on misspelled bomb-making instructions.

Burdek was charged with for disorderly conduct. Police said the pressure cooker was not a real bomb.


A woman who called police to complain about her pimp was arrested after officers showed up at the motel and caught her with a john.

According to WFSB-TV in West Haven, Jennifer Lowery told police, "I thought it would take police a while to show up, so I figured I'd just turn a trick."

The man had paid her $200 for sex, she said, but she had not yet performed the service. Lowery was charged with prostitution.

Her alleged customer, Richard Burford, was charged with patronizing a prostitute.

- Scott McCabe