Housing bust

A Florida woman is accused of charging rent for a home she did not own.

Nathalie Heil, 30, was charged with grand theft and fraud after police said she took over her neighbor's empty foreclosed home, advertised it on Craigslist and collected more than $13,000 in rent before the actual owners noticed.

Heil told police that she thought she had possession of the house after she filed papers for an "adverse possession," an old Florida law that allows squatters to take ownership of a property if they live there for seven years and pay taxes, reports The Palm Beach Post.

Police said they found no such paperwork.

News you can use

An Arizona man is behind bars facing multiple criminal charges after he allegedly led police on a high-speed chase west of Phoenix and called a news station to ask what he should do.

Joshua Bloom led police on a 40-mile chase, reaching speeds of nearly 100 mph. Maricopa County sheriff's deputies flattened Bloom's tires with spike strips so that he was driving on rims, but not before the suspect made a call to 3TV seeking advice.

Reporter Mike Watkiss spoke to Bloom.

"I said you need to pull over," recalled Watkiss. "Whatever's going on, it'll only get worse if you keep heading out."

Say what?

A Connecticut man is accused of biting off his cousin's ear lobe and swallowing it during a fight.

Stamford police say the two men were intoxicated and started fighting after the cousin asked Emilio Mendoza, 27, to turn down the music.

?- Scott McCabe