If only he'd read the book first

A Kentucky man was arrested after he tried to steal a book about ethics.

Terry J. Davis was charged with theft after police said he tried to re-sell a textbook at a University of Louisville bookstore, police said.

Surveillance video cameras captured Davis taking a book from the school's health sciences center, then trying to sell the textbook at a college bookstore.

The book? "Resolving Ethical Issues."

Poll attacks

Police in Texas arrested a woman they said beat her boyfriend with a pink stripper pole.

Sarah Howell was charged with assault with bodily injury stemming from an alleged assault that left her home trashed, reported the Killeen Daily Herald.

When police arrived, Howell said she had been assaulted. However, the man had used his cellphone to take a video of the incident, which showed Howell slapping the man four times, grabbing a pot from the kitchen and splashing cooking oil on him.

The video then stops. He told police that he stopped filming so that he could run as she chased him around the house, grabbed a pink, steel stripper poll and swung it at his head.

In 2010, Howell was arrested for attacking her boyfriend with a gardening tool.

Take out

A Chicago woman tried to use her status as a federal government employee to walk up and order food at McDonald's drive thru.

The fast-food employees refused the order because she was not in a vehicle.

The 27-year-old woman demanded burgers and fries, claiming that the workers had to serve her because she's a "level 14 government employee." A GS-14 employee is the second-highest federal worker classification.

The employees called police. The woman, who smelled of alcohol, became combative, telling officers: "Don't touch me."

Her blood alcohol content was 0.197 on a preliminary breath test, more than double the level at which a driver is considered drunk.

She was arrested on disorderly conduct charges. No word on whether she was actually a GS-14 or, for that matter, even a federal employee.

Blind justice

Police say a would-be burglar was thwarted by window blinds.

Police found Thomas Molina tangled in the blinds at a window at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque after police received a call about a break-in, KRQE-TV reports.

Molina, 38, told police he was looking for computer hardware. He was arrested and charged with burglary and breaking and entering.

Scott McCabe