A Kentucky teenager accused of fleeing from a DUI traffic accident was jailed again after ignoring a judge's order to delete her Facebook account.

Nobody was injured in the hit-and-run accident, but a Facebook post by driver Paula Asher, 18, so upset her victims that they asked the judge to intervene.

"My dumb [expletive] got a dui and I hit a car ... lol," Asher wrote on her Facebook profile after the crash.

The judge accused Asher of failing to take the charges seriously and ordered her to take down her Facebook page. When Asher did not comply, the judge slapped her with a two-day jail sentence for contempt of court.

"I really wasn't trying to make fun of [the crash]," Asher told, an NBC news site. "I didn't think 'lol' would put me in jail."

The Hangover

An Indiana man who blew a 0.548 blood-alcohol level on Sunday was arrested on Monday for public intoxication.

Several hours after being released from a hospital for a nearly fatal alcohol overdose, Bradley Wine, 28, was found staggering around town. Police noticed Wine was mixing vodka with a power drink. Police arrested Wine and administered a portable breath test that registered a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.16.

A day earlier, police responding to a report of an abandoned vehicle and found Wine inside. The vehicle had run out of gas, police said. Wine was acting peculiar, so they administered a blood-alcohol test, and he blew a 0.548, nearly seven times the state's legal limit.

Justice denied

A New Jersey police officer was arrested after breaking into a family's apartment and assaulting a mother in a wheelchair and her 4-year-old son.

Authorities say they have no idea why Sgt. Mark Lee burst into the apartment, a home for people with disabilities. Knocking the woman from her wheelchair, Lee also then turned to the boy yelling, "I want the boy, I want the boy."

Lee was on-duty at the time of the incident.

The boy's father, who was also in a wheelchair, tried to stop the officer.

"He took his clothes off, gun, uniform and pants, and tried to jump out the window," the man said.

When police arrived, they found him sitting on the couch. He was charged with numerous crimes, including official misconduct.