Two thumbs down

A Connecticut man has been convicted in an identity theft ring that involved slithering across movie theater floors to rob customers of their credit cards.

Anthony Johnson, 49, also known as "Hustlin' Tone," and his conspirators used the credit cards to buy merchandise and $1,000 gift cards, prosecutors said.

The ring could net up to $70,000 a week, testified co-conspirator Jamie Lynn McGowan, according to

McGowan testified that the ring targeted people at movies such as "Eat Pray Love" and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" because "there'd be a lot of white women there ... these were million-dollar movies."

Elderly man 1, thief 0

A 79-year-old man helped catch a shoplifter accused of stealing T-shirts from a Manhattan drug store, reports the New York Daily News.

James Marr said he heard someone yell 'stop thief' and saw a man running with a laundry bag.

Then Marr spotted something fall of from the man's bag.

"This was the dumbest thief ever invented," Marr told the newspaper. "Out falls this piece of paper, and it's a court document with his name and address on it."

Marr and the store manager contacted police, who quickly arrested the suspect.

Short-changed on brains

A suspected bank robber was arrested after he returned to the bank to complain he'd been short-changed.

Arthur Bundrage walked into a Syracuse, N.Y., bank and demanded $20,000. At first, the teller ignored him but eventually handed over some cash.

Bundrage left the bank. When he counted the cash, he discovered far less than $20,000.

Bundrage returned to the bank, banged on the locked front door to get back in and was promptly arrested by police.