Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., wouldn't tell Politico whether he would vote for Obamacare again, sending an e-mail dodging the question and saying the law “isn't perfect” and he would “work to make it better.”

It seems the Democrat — facing a tough re-election — is trying to gain favor with constituents by distancing himself from an unpopular law.

Except that Pryor has already said he would vote again for Obamacare -- twice.

You might think Pryor has learned his lesson since the law’s disastrous implementation, but no, the incumbent senator said in February of this year, and again in April, that he would vote for Obamacare all over again.

On February 7, Pryor told the Pine Bluff Commercial, an Arkansas newspaper, that he would vote for Obamacare again. After being asked if he would repeat his vote, Pryor gave a long, rambling answer about the good things in Obamacare.

The interviewer said that the response sounded like a “yes.”

“Yes, I think on balance that would be a ‘yes,' " Pryor said. “Of course, if I knew some of the problems that were in it today I would have tried to fix those when we were drafting it.”

And on April 4, Pryor told KARK 4 in Little Rock that he “would have” still voted for Obamacare.

KARK 4 host Matt Mosler asked Pryor whether, knowing all the problems created by the law, he would still have voted for it.

“You know, I would have,” Pryor said. “Of course, I would have wanted to see some changes back then, but I think on something like this, it’s big, it’s complicated, it’s difficult.”

So either Pryor finally changed his tune or he was only comfortable revealing his true beliefs to smaller venues.