A Republican political action committee is asking the head of the Internal Revenue Service to audit the Clinton Foundation amid allegations that the former president and secretary of state used their charity for political gain.

American Crossroads, a group founded by veteran political operative Karl Rove, sent a letter to top IRS officials Tuesday requesting the agency open an investigation into the Clinton Foundation's questionable practices.

The super PAC cited recent reports in the Wall Street Journal and New York Post that suggested the famous philanthropy had steered donations to a for-profit company owned by friends of the Clintons.

"From what is being reported, it appears the Clinton Foundation has, at best, a cavalier attitude with respect to conflicts of interest and related standards of conduct," the group wrote.

The Clinton Foundation has come under scrutiny in the past year given revelations that the charity welcomed foreign donations while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.

Recent reports have suggested the organization has operated for years with financial discrepancies in books.