MANCHESTER, N.H. —Two super PACs, who are focused on damaging the candidacy of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, simultaneously announced the debut of separate anti-Trump attack ads Friday that are set to run on the airwaves and in local newspapers in New Hampshire until the state's Feb. 9 primary.

Our Principles PAC, led by former Romney staffer Katie Packer, and Make America Awesome, an outside group co-founded by GOP operatives Liz Mair and Rick Wilson, have both unveiled new TV ads that seek to undermine Trump's popularity among Granite State Republicans.

Despite finishing second in Monday's Iowa caucuses, Trump continues to lead his Republican rivals by double digits in New Hampshire, though his lead over Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has diminished in several recent state-level polls. With Rubio soaring, and nearly one-third of GOP voters still undecided, the two outside groups seem to view these last four days before the first-in-the-nation primary as their final window of opportunity to weaken Trump's chances of finishing first in the nominating contest.

In a statement released Friday, Mair said her PAC's newest ad will "run on stations and during programming not traditionally targeted as part of the primary process." She offered "A&E and the History Channel" as examples.

"Trump-inclined voters are not avid news consumers, they watch and enjoy reality television, and they are drawn to offbeat programming like "The First 48" and "Swamp People,"" she said. "As the 2012 Obama campaign proved, with TV advertising as in everything else, good demographic targeting and ad spends in line with it is a winning formula."

Meanwhile, Packer's PAC plans to run an ad that questions Trump's conservative credentials in local newspapers beginning Sunday. The group will also send the print ad to voters through direct mail and utilize a digital version. Similar to its TV ad blitz in Iowa, Our Principles' latest ad asks voters how well they "really know [Trump]" and cites his previous positions on abortion, taxes and the Second Amendment to subvert his credibility as a strong, conservative candidate.

The ad also directs voters to, a website set up by the PAC that explains the controversial positions Trump previously held, or currently holds on a handful of hot-button issues.

In the final days before the primary, Trump has sought to add several last-minute events to his campaign schedule to ensure he has reached every community possible in New Hampshire. He was forced to cancel a last-minute rally in Londonderry on Friday due to inclement weather.

Additionally, the billionaire has made it clear he will participate in the final GOP debate before the primary which is set to be held Saturday evening at St. Anselm College in Manchester.