The Trump administration's 120-day ban on refugees entering the U.S. expires Tuesday, making it possible that the Supreme Court will decide to render moot a pending case challenging the ban, Trump v. Hawaii, as early as Tuesday.

While it's not clear what the court will do, it dropped a case this month related to Trump's proposed ban on foreign nationals from six countries when that ban expired. That's a sign the court could do that again Tuesday, and drop the second case dealing with refugees.

Hawaii challenged the second iteration of Trump's travel ban, both the travel and the refugee component.

The September executive action from the Trump administration created exceptions for refugees from the newest travel ban restrictions, which differs from Trump's previous orders.

While the justices decide how to address the challenge to the refugee ban, litigation over Trump's latest guidance has already begun. Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland took action last week to block implementation of the third iteration of Trump's move on immigration, which took the form of a proclamation. The Trump administration appears prepared to challenge those results in federal appeals courts.