The Supreme Court on Friday scheduled oral arguments in three blockbuster cases for just before the justices leave for December holidays.

Three of the high court's most anticipated cases of the term — involving free expression and gay rights, sports gambling, and governmental surveillance — will be heard in three consecutive oral argument days.

The justices on Nov. 29 will hear Carpenter v. United States, which was dubbed "probably the biggest Fourth Amendment case that the court has had in at least five or six years, maybe longer," by George Washington University law professor Orrin Kerr, a former law clerk to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Following Carpenter, the justices will prepare for back-to-back days of arguments in Christie v. NCAA and Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. On Dec. 4, the Supreme Court will listen to arguments over New Jersey's decision to repeal specific prohibitions on sports gambling. The next day, Dec. 5, will feature arguments in Masterpiece, a controversy in which the justices are seeking to determine the constitutionality of Colorado's public accommodations law forcing cake baker Jack Phillips to create speech that defies his religious beliefs by making a cake for a gay wedding.