The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a challenge to a Minnesota law that prevents people from wearing shirts, hats and other clothing that makes political statements at polling places.

The right-leaning Pacific Legal Foundation urged the high court to hear its challenge to the Minnesota law, which the group said violated the First Amendment.

"Minnesota has gone far beyond legitimate regulation and is now attempting to stifle the speech of voters of all ideological beliefs," said Wen Fa, a Pacific Legal Foundation attorney, in a statement when petitioning the justices to hear the case this year. "Instead of merely telling people they can't wear campaign paraphernalia when they vote, the state's sweeping restrictions can be used against any kind of apparel that reflects personal values, no matter how nonpolitical the message. From unions to the Tea Party, this is a broad ban that threatens the free speech rights of everyone."

No date has yet been set for oral arguments in Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky.