Obama administration officials have extended the comment period for the Keystone XL pipeline, effectively delaying yet again a decision on the pipeline.

The latest delay, the administration said, was due to continuing litigation in Nebraska surrounding the pipeline's route.

The extension, however, comes one month after a Nebraska judge struck down a law that would have allowed the state's governor, Dave Heinemen, to approve the pipeline's route through the state.

So, why wait a month to extend the comment period? But more importantly, does this mean President Obama isn't worried about the 2014 elections, given that six Democratic senators up for re-election have previously voted in favor of the pipeline?

The latest delay could push Obama's decision on the pipeline until after the 2014 elections, which could be seen as a dodge by this administration from making such a politically controversial decision.

Or, the administration could be trying to gin up controversy over the pipeline decision in order to get the opposing sides — environmentalists and unions — to dig deep and donate to Democratic candidates.

You know, whatever makes more sense politically. Because that's what they really care about.