Former President Barack Obama's former national security adviser criticized the Trump administration on Tuesday for "squandering" U.S. leadership, and implied that President Trump is botching national security by engaging in Twitter wars and ignoring diplomacy.

"Since I left the White House, I've become deeply concerned that the United States is squandering one of our greatest strategic assets  —  America's leadership of the world," she said at the Center for American Progress on Tuesday.

"It seems that the current administration looks at the world and sees only threats," she said. "Immigrants. Refugees. Muslims. Mexicans. Even trade. It's America first, and the rest of the world last."

She also took a shot at Trump by referring to early reports that said he wasn't always reading his daily briefing.

"I fully recognize that we face serious threats," she said. "I spent eight years actually reading the presidential daily briefing."

Rice also jabbed at Trump for using "bluster" as a tool, instead of leaning on a strong military, diplomacy and helping less developed countries with development.

"Conflict is not inevitable, and bluster is for bullies," she said. "So instead of simply vowing to bomb the bleep out of ISIL, we must use our full arsenal, including cutting off its finances, discrediting extremism online, and helping stabilize fragile states."

"We can't allow Twitter wars to become shooting wars," she said. "So instead of vacillating between reckless saber-rattling and dubbing Kim Jong Un a smart cookie, we should steadily apply increased pressure on North Korea, while protecting our allies and our homeland."

"And instead of excusing Russia's outrageous behavior, and branding NATO obsolete, we must defend every NATO ally unconditionally, and firmly counter Russia's cold war tactics," Rice said.

Rice also implied Trump and other Republicans were downplaying the U.S. intelligence assessment that Russia tried to meddle in the U.S. election.

"Surely, we will often disagree," she said. "But, we sure as hell need to agree that a hostile foreign power has no business messing with our elections."

Rice has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration, and in return has drawn criticism from Republicans, who have reminded Democrats that Rice initially said the 2012 attack against the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was prompted by an anti-Muslim video.

Nonetheless, Rice in March criticized the Trump administration for "false statements" from Trump in which he accused British spies of helping the Obama administration to spy on Trump's transition team.