National Security adviser Susan Rice defended President Obama's plan for military action in Syria Monday, reminding the audience that his actions would be "deliberately limited."

"As the president has said again repeatedly, this action would be deliberately limited in both time and scope," Rice said during a speech to the New American Foundation.

Rice insisted that Obama's actions were not unlike American military strikes authorized by President Reagan in Libya in the 1986 and President Clinton's authorization against Iraq in 1998.

"These previous engagements are proof that the United States is capable of conducting limited, defined, proportional military actions without getting enmeshed in a direct conflict," she explained, vowing that the military action would be nothing like the war in Iraq.

"What the president is proposing is fundamentally different," Rice insisted. "Unlike Iraq, we're not betting on the existence of weapons of mass destruction. In Syria we have the undeniable truth that chemical weapons have already been released with horrific results."