Actress Susan Sarandon has thrown her political influence behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential bid, while making sure to bash his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton along the way.

The Oscar winner was asked by CNN's Carol Costello Thursday why, as a "feminist icon," she wasn't voting for fellow self-proclaimed feminist Clinton.

"Quite frankly, the most important foreign affairs move that happened in my lifetime, the vote to go into Iraq, she failed me," Sarandon responded, referring to Clinton's affirmative vote for the Iraq War. "And I feel that wasn't just a mistake, that was a disaster."

She said she found it "patronizing" to assume that "women will vote for any woman who gets up there." She also cited tangible reasons why she supports Sanders over Clinton.

"Bernie Sanders has consistently represented everything that I'm interested in and that I care about," she said. "He wants change. He doesn't want business as usual.

"He's been working in the system forever, but wants us now to be that machine and took over and make real changes," she continued. "He's the only one who hasn't taken super PAC money, isn't connected to all the corporations, to Wall Street, and I think that's what this country needs. So I'm really pleased to be with him."

Sarandon has been stumping for Sanders in Iowa as the Feb. 1 caucus approaches, documenting her experience on Twitter as she travels from city to city with the Democratic socialist.

She introduced Sanders at an Iowa rally Wednesday, extolling his virtues as a candidate who has no interest in being a puppet controlled by corporations.

"You know, everybody realizes that we're being run by a machine that's being run by Wall Street, by Big Pharm, by Monsanto … and it is difficult," she said. "And there's one man who miraculously has managed, and this may be the only man who's come up through the system, through the pipeline, unscathed, unsold and pure.

"And we now have the opportunity to make that man our choice for the president of the United States," she concluded.