The 24-year-old Southeast D.C. man accused of intentionally striking a District police officer in a Tuesday night hit-and-run has been ordered held without bond, and a judge on Friday postponed his preliminary hearing to next week.

Kevin Burno was scheduled to appear in D.C. Superior Court on Friday morning, but prosecutors and Burno's defense lawyer asked for a delay. Judge Frederick Sullivan agreed to the request and rescheduled the hearing for Tuesday.

Meanwhile, D.C. officials said Friday that Officer Sean Hickman remained in stable condition after Tuesday's incident, which left him with broken bones and has led to at least two surgeries.

Along with the criminal investigation that has prompted charges against Burno and two associates, the incident is also the subject of an internal review by the District after Hickman had to wait 18 minutes for a Prince George's County ambulance because the city did not have one available.

Although D.C. paramedics reached Hickman within minutes on Tuesday, D.C. Councilman Tommy Wells has also said he plans to hold a public hearing about the episode.