The Des Moines Register: “Joe Biden showed some smash-mouthing heat Thursday night, while Paul Ryan showed he’s ready for prime time by taking on a seasoned debater. But the smirking from the Democratic vice presidential candidate might turn off some voters in Iowa, where polling has shown he has a likability gap, politics analysts here said.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
“Biden, 69, took after Republicans with far more aggression than President Barack Obama displayed in his widely panned Denver debate, interrupting Ryan, smiling, laughing, scoffing, wincing and expressing his disdain in every conceivable way for the other party’s ideas and opinions. Ryan, 42, operating under the brightest spotlight of his career, adopted a far more methodical and less demonstrative tone.”

The Miami Hearld: “Biden was aggressive, hoping to make up for President Barack Obama’s tepid performance in his opening debate last week against Republican nominee Mitt Romney, a performance that reset the race and thrust the Republicans back into contention. Pressing to make his points, Biden at times raised his voice and jabbed his finger at moderator Martha Raddatz of ABC News. Ryan was more measured, often lowering his voice after Biden. A fresh-faced congressman who had never debated on the national stage despite his 14 years in the House of Representatives, Ryan betrayed no signs of nervousness about the showdown with Biden.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer: “If the presidential debate last week felt like a wonky classroom lecture, the vice presidential debate Thursday night more closely resembled a playground quarrel. Vice President Joe Biden attacked U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan from the start and was far more aggressive than President Barack Obama was in his first debate with Mitt Romney one week ago. The approach drew a strong response from Ryan, who sparred with Biden in a lively and sometimes animated conversation about the economy, foreign affairs, tax policy and the budget deficit.”

The Columbus Dispatch: “In body language that might turn off some voters, Biden smiled and laughed sarcastically at points during the debate in an apparent effort to dismiss comments by Ryan. Ryan said that Americans are seeing the “unraveling” of Obama’s foreign policy.