Anthony Weiner just can't quit.

The former Democratic rising star-turned-Business Insider columnist raised eyebrows on Friday by favoriting a tweet about sexting.

Weiner resigned from Congress in disgrace after it was revealed he sent explicit photographs of himself to several women, then tried to cover it up. His return to politics two years later was scuttled by a similar sexting scandal.

Weiner explained the latest episode as a mistake.

This was followed by self-deprecating humor.

Tinder is a smartphone app that caters to an overwhelmingly younger audience. Its users make snap judgements about other users in their area based on a short bio and a handful of photographs. Mutually interested users (those who "swipe right," in the Tinder parlance) can chat with one another. Not interested? Swipe left.

Tinder bills itself as a "fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you." In Tinder world, fun ways of connecting often include sexting and no-strings-attached sexual relationships.