President Obama’s inaction over Syria has sunk his approval ratings to nearly their lowest ever and made Americans long for Hillary Clinton who now towers over her former boss on two key presidential traits: Leadership and judgement.

A new YouGov/Economist poll puts Obama’s disapproval rating at a dismal 55 percent, his approval rating at 40 percent. It’s been slightly worse only once, in 2011, when the approval-disapproval gap was 18 points.

“Today a majority of independents and one in four Democrats disapprove of the president’s performance,” said the poll. “Democratic disapproval has crept up 6 points in just the last week; 29 percent of liberals disapprove, up eight points in the last week.”

Americans also see him as a weak leader, the likely result of his muddled Syria policies. In May, 50 percent saw the president as a strong leader, an equal 50 percent as a weak one. Now, according to the poll, 60 percent see Obama as a weak leader.

And apparently so weak that Clinton is now seen as an iron lady. Asked who has good judgement, 47 percent said Clinton, 38 percent Obama. Worse for the president: 49 percent said he didn’t have good judgement.

Asked who had “strong qualities of leadership,” 50 percent said Clinton, 40 percent Obama.

When the poll broke out the feeling of just Democrats, there wasn’t much of a change. They also see Clinton as having better judgement and leadership qualities than Obama.

But, said YouGov/Economist, at least Obama beat his vice president. “Someone Clinton may face if she chooses to run for the 2016 Democratic nomination, Vice President Joe Biden, scores even worse than either she or the president do on these presidential qualities,” said the polling site. “Only 29 percent of the public thinks Biden has strong qualities of leadership or good judgment under pressure. While majorities of Democrats think Biden has strong qualities of leadership and good judgment under pressure, more than one in five Democrats disagree.”

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