Can you wear bowling shoes anywhere?

Not in New York, if state lawmakers have their way. The state assembly is considering legislation that would require bowling alley owners to post signs warning patrons to take off their shoes before going outside. "Bowling shoes are specialized footwear for indoor use only," the signs would read. The bill is intended to protect business owners from lawsuits filed by bowlers who slipped on ice or snow on bowling alley property -- presumably because they were wearing bowling shoes.

Does he still have to pay for fries?

Charles Ramsey, hailed as a hero for his role in the rescue of three women imprisoned for a decade in Cleveland, has been rewarded with free hamburgers for life at more than a dozen restaurants in that city. Ramsey, 43, had already been treated to free McDonald's food for one year at a restaurant a few blocks from his house. By then, he'll be ready to branch out to burgers at participating restaurants near and far, with one located in Pennsylvania. One establishment, Hodge's, has named its double-decker sandwich the "Ramsey Burger," according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

What caused that cluster of mysterious illnesses in Alabama?

After several people were hospitalized and two died in Alabama, health officials suspected a rare illness. But, so far at least, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials have found only very common culprits: cold and flu viruses. Health officials have described the patients as ranging in age from 20 to more than 80. Their symptoms varied but appeared to be more intense than typically encountered by doctors and nurses. But after extensively testing those admitted to area hospitals, nothing out of the ordinary was discovered.