What might curb the use of genetically modified crops?

The bugs themselves. Scientists have determined that five of 13 major crop pests targeted by genetic modifications to corn and cotton have evolved to where they are now resistant. The tweaks to the plants' genes enable them to make their own insecticide. Rootworms in some U.S. states have recently developed resistance as have armyworms, maize-stem borers, pink bollworms in India and bollworms in the U.S.

Why did Maine lawmakers give a Texas couple a standing ovation?

They were flattered, it seems, that the pair fulfilled a lifelong dream when they visited to watch the state Legislature at work. Seriously. The Portland Press Herald reported that 86-year-old Marcine Webb and his wife, 81-year-old Nita Lou Webb, came to Augusta to complete their quest to visit every state capitol. Maine's was the last one. When House Speaker Mark Eves announced the reason for their visit, the state representatives stood and cheered.

What did a Philippine dog do that made her a hero?

She jumped in front of a motorcycle to save the lives of the young two girls in her family. The mixed-breed pooch was badly injured however and ended up losing her snout when she got tangled in the spokes of one of the cycle's wheels. People were so impressed with the dog's bravery, however, they collected money to send her to California for treatment. The dog has returned to a resounding welcome but will stay with a vet for now because the family is too poor to care for her.