What kind of impact could global warming have on the Caribbean?

Citizens in parts of Grenada are already pulling back from beachfront homes as the water rises and storms become more deadly. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said the economic hit from Hurricane Ivan, which damaged 90 percent of the homes, was twice the nation's gross domestic product. Scientists and government officials worry about what's next. United Nations' models show that the 110,000 people across the Caribbean could be displaced, some 150 multimillion-dollar tourist resorts lost and 21 of 64 regional airports inundated by 2100.

What is the latest treatment for back pain?

Antibiotics. Scientists have determined that as many as four in 10 cases of chronic lower back pain are probably caused by bacteria, and treatment with antibiotics may cure them, according to a study in the European Spine Journal. As many as 80 percent of the participants with persistent back pain following a herniated disc and swelling in the spine reported an improvement after taking antibiotics three times daily for 100 days.

What do bears do when no one is looking?

According to a new study using "critter cams" they spend a lot of time eating -- just about anything. Biologists at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game equipped six bears with camera collars then recorded about 60 hours of video in 20-second increments. The tapes show the bears sleeping, eating gull eggs and licking grease cans and gum stuck on the ground. Bears are seen salivating over garbage pizza and discarded birdseed, scooping up bivalves from Cook Inlet mudflats and scarfing horsetail and dandelions.