How much does the Popemobile cost?

The vehicle given this week to Pope Francis is built by Mercedes Benz and based on the German automaker's G500 SUV. It's heavily armored with a guard riding shotgun and bullet-proof glass surrounding the pontiff. It is painted the pope's traditional Mystic White with the license plate SCV1 (Vatican City 1). Seldom seen going more than 10 mph, the popemobile's upgraded engine actually has a top speed of 160 mph. The price tag: $565,000.

Who made the '47 percent' video of Mitt Romney?

The tape of the 2012 Republican presidential nominee showed him telling supporters that "47 percent" of Americans depend on government handouts and won't take responsibility for themselves. The tape helped President Obama to defeat Romney, but its source was never revealed. Now the world knows it was Scott Prouty, a bartender at the private Florida event, who told MSNBC that it was pure luck that he caught the quote on tape.

Will Hugo Chavez's body be put on permanent display?

When the Venezuela president died during cancer surgery, his body was immediately placed in a glass coffin so that it could be displayed "for eternity." But the Russian and German scientists who were called in to embalm the body said it may have decayed too much, that the embalming should have been done sooner. Officials hope to determine soon where the former president will spend eternity.