What did a man wear into a Florida jail?

There's nothing better than irony and fashion. A Florida man who was arrested for welfare fraud was picked up in an undercover sting while wearing a shirt that said "Jail Sucks!" Police in Manatee County, Fla., arrested 40 in an undercover sting on Wednesday for people with outstanding warrants involving welfare fraud, and one of those lucky 40 was 39-year-old Don Castner. Castner is accused of using 53 different EBT cards at a Sam's Club. Unfortunately for Castner, he had to ditch his shirt when he was booked for a more traditional prison jumpsuit.

n Why can't some people use New York City's bike share program?

Because they're too fat. The city has placed a weight limit on those who want to use the city's bike share program after it reviewed the weight limits recommended by the bicycle manufacturer. So what's the new limit? Anybody who weighs more than 260 pounds can't use the program. The city's program has more than 10,000 bikes and is currently the largest program of its kind in America. City officials said they weren't going to actively police the program, but before you can hop on, users are required to sign a contract saying they meet the weight requirement.

n What giant creature appeared in a Hong Kong harbor?

No, it wasn't the Loch Ness monster or Godzilla, it was a 54-foot tall inflatable rubber duck. Hundreds gathered at the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong to see the duck, which was designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman in 2007. Hofman's duck sculpture has traveled to 13 cities and nine countries since he created it.