Did Iran capture a U.S. drone?

Iran on Tuesday displayed on state television what it described as a captured American drone that it claimed had entered Iranian airspace. The U.S., however, disputes the claim, saying it isn't missing any drones. A year ago, Iran claimed to have shot down a U.S. high-altitude reconnaissance drone, and that turned out to be true. The U.S. said that drone had accidentally crossed into Iranian airspace from Afghanistan.

Did Fox News try to get Gen. David Petraeus to run for president?

Fox Founder Roger Ailes in 2011 advised Petraeus, then leading U.S. forces in Afghanistan, to refuse an appointment as CIA director and run for president instead, the Washington Post's Bob Woodward reported. Ailes said he thought the Republican presidential race then underway needed someone like Petraeus to shake it up. Petraeus took the CIA job, from which he resigned last month following disclosures of an extramarital affair.

What is the most popular social media site on the Internet?

U.S. consumers visit social media sites far more than any other kind of website, and the media site they visit most often is Facebook, according to a Social Media Report by Nielsen and NM Incite. The 2012 survey shows 305 million visits to Facebook -- almost one for every American SEmD via computer or mobile apps. About 17 percent of the time Americans spend online is spent on Facebook, the survey showed.