Are parents in Iceland allowed to name their children?

Parents can name their babies, but they must pick from only those names on a government-approved list. To protect its national language and grammar, Iceland has strict rules on baby names. Parents who named their daughter Blaer, a name the government told them to change because it's only for boys, sued over the rules. A lower court sided with the government but was overturned this week. Now, Icelandic girls can be called Blaer.

What is America's favorite dog?

When Americans like a dog, they stick with it. For the 22nd straight year, the American Kennel Club found that the most popular dog in the country is the family-friendly Labrador retriever. The German shepherd is the No. 2 favorite, the club reported this week. The golden retriever bumped the beagle from the third spot. The beagle is now No. 4. Rounding out the top 10: bulldog, Yorkshire terrier, boxer, poodle, Rottweiler and the dachshund.