What is lenticular printing?

It is a type of print that can only be seen from a certain angle. The ad agency Grey Group Spain used the technique to create an outdoor billboard that incorporates a hidden message visible only to children under 10. The sign aims to raise awareness of child abuse on behalf of the group Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk. The main message says "Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it." The hidden message, visible to those 4'4" and shorter -- that is ages 10 and under based on average heights -- says "If somebody hurts you, phone us and we'll help you," along with the foundation's phone number.

Do people normally wear white to their graduation?

Most people wear black robes of some kind when they step forward to get their degree. Cassie Dotts, however, gave tradition a twist when she stepped forward to get her doctorate in veterinary medicine Saturday at Washington State University. With her friends and family already gathered she thought it would be a good time for another ceremony -- her wedding. Dotts threw her robes over her wedding dress so people could see her as both a graduate and newlywed.

What is it about a pet snake that got its Utah owner in trouble?

The problem was that the snake was one in a collection of 29 -- too many according to a city ordinance. Thomas Cobb, of Cottonwood Heights, was told he would have to get rid of all but one because he did not have a permit for exotic animals. He protested, saying the ordinance was unclear. By all reports Cobb, who said he spent $100,000 on a special room for the serpents, is taking very good care of them. The city council is looking more deeply into the issue though no one, so far, has taken Cobb up on an offer to come see the snakes for themselves.