Why are female suicide bombers often called "black widows" in Russia?

Many are the widows or other relatives of Islamic militants killed by security forces. It is believed that they carry out the suicide attacks in part to reunite with their dead relatives.

There have been more than two dozen women who have carried out suicide bombings in Russia since 2000. The latest, 25-year-old Madine Alieva, injured at least 18 people when she blew herself up in the southern Russian region of Dagestan on Saturday.

What's black and red and travels by scooter?

The cape that a 56-year-old man wore over his thong underwear while riding a scooter through Madison, Wis.

Earlier this month, teachers at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Madison called the police after spotting the caped man roll past students who were walking to a bus.

The man, who police did not identify, admitted that passing the school in his thong was probably unwise. However, the city attorney said his actions broke no laws.

How tall is Bigfoot?

28 inches.

Or at least, the Bigfoot police in North Sewickley Township, Pa., are hunting for is 28 inches.

Mary Fabian's 28-inch Yeti statue has been missing from her garden since Monday.

Fabian said she bought the statue online four years ago and named him Harry after the main character in the 1987 film, "Harry and the Hendersons," about a family that befriends a Sasquatch.

So far police have no clues as to Harry's whereabouts, according to acting Police Chief Jeff Becze.