What step is expected this week in the Federal Reserve's effort to work through the foreclosure mess?

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley and perhaps other banks are expected to announce a $1.5 billion-plus deal with the Fed to settle accusations they botched procedures when issuing foreclosures to homeowners, Bloomberg reported. The agreement would end case-by-case reviews of foreclosures launched under earlier accords with the biggest mortgage servicers. The deal comprises cash and help for borrowers, said one of Bloomberg's unidentified sources.

What legendary creature has finally been captured on video?

In an all-time first, a team of scientists from Japan's National Museum of Nature and Science succeeding in videotaping a giant squid in its natural habitat some 2,000 feet below the ocean's surface off Japan's Chichi island. The creature was roughly nine feet long but would have been some 25 feet long if it had not lost its longest two tentacles. The Discovery Channel and the Japanese television company NHK documented the expedition and snippets of the video can be found on the Web. The full tape will air Jan. 27 on the Discovery Channel as the season finale of the show "Curiosity."

What strange development caused the heating system in a Washington state home to fail?

A repairman called in to fix an apparently failing furnace told the owner that the heating system was fine -- but someone had diverted the home's heating ducts to warm the crawl space under the house. Though the squatter was not located they left beer cans and a liquor bottle beneath the house. Somehow the interloper convinced the owner's three dogs not to rat him out.