Has the top YouTube artist gone political?

The South Korean artist PSY, whose real name is Park Jae-sang, said he hoped that listeners in N. Korea enjoyed his new single "Gentleman" despite the tensions between the two nations. PSY's hit "Gangnam Style" was the first YouTube video to reach a billion views and made him an international star almost overnight last year. He said his job was to make all people, including North Koreans, laugh. "Hopefully my 'Gangnam Style,' my 'Gentleman,' my music videos and my choreography ... they might enjoy them too," he said.

Can you get out of a loan if you lose it gambling?

The Rhode Island Supreme Court said this week 'No' despite an old state law that says otherwise. They ruled against Juan Catala of Providence who called a friend from Las Vegas to borrow $8,500 after he lost a bundle gambling and wanted to recoup his losses. Catala argued the loan was void because of a more than century-old Rhode Island law that invalidates loan agreements when the lender knows the money would be used for gambling. The court upheld, albeit on a technicality, a lower court ruling that the provision didn't apply.

Are we headed for a war in space?

Nothing has happened, that we know of, but Russia is building a system to neutralize space weapons as it prepares to send a man to Mars and build a permanent moon base, President Vladimir Putin and members of his government said. Russia last month signed an agreement with Europe's space agency for a joint unmanned mission to Mars and is pushing forward with plans to establish a permanent base on the Moon for scientific study, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Friday. He added that they will have the technical means by 2030 to counteract threats from space by other countries.