Where does mistletoe come from?

The green sprig under which millions of people kiss each Christmas season is actually a parasite plant spread in the wild by birds and foraging animals. It grows on about 200 different trees and shrubs, including apple, maple or olive trees, and can kill the tree to which it attaches itself. The first documented instance of people kissing under mistletoe dates back to 16th-century England.

How many homicides will D.C. have this year?

Dubbed the nation's "murder capital" during the crack-fueled violence of the 1980s, the District has seen a significant drop in its annual homicide tally and is on track this year to record its lowest murder rate since 1964. There were about 80 homicides in the District so far this year, so the city could end the year with fewer than 100 for the first time in nearly 50 years. There were 96 murders in 1964. There were 108 last year.

What is E1?

East 1, or E1, consists of about 4.5 square miles of land on the West Bank and is the latest site on which Israel said it would build a new settlement. Israel announced plans to build another settlement after the United Nations elevated the status of Palestine to nonmember observer. The U.S. and other allies have denounced Israel's new construction plans, saying they could hamper Middle East peace talks.