What's the most miserable city in the U.S.? That would be Detroit. In a new list released by Forbes, the Motor City nabbed the top spot of the worst cities in the United States. The second metro area on that list is also in Michigan, the city of Flint just an hour north of Detroit. Forbes determined it's Top 20 list by considering violent crime rates, unemployment, foreclosures and quality-of-life issues such as weather for cities with a population of over 259,000. Rounding out the top five are Rockford, Ill., Chicago, Ill., Modesto., Calif., which have each suffered economic hits. Other miserable metropolises include Cleveland, Ohio; Atlantic City, N.J; Camden, N.J.; and Gary, Indiana.

What's cuter than the Oscars?

'The Pawscars,' of course! For fans of the cute and cuddly Puppy Bowl (a doggie version of the Superbowl), a group called The Pet Collective has created 'The Pawscars,' which features animals reenacting scenes from The Best Picture category of the Oscars this year. Some highlights include a 'Zero Dark Thirty' parody that shows a dog chasing after a squirrel in night vision. To check it out, you can go to the group's website thepetcollective.tv.

Did a woman try out for the NFL?

Not yet, but Lauren Silberman, a 28-year-old woman from New York, will be the first woman participant at an NFL regional scouting combine. She hopes her skills as a kicker will land her a spot in the NFL.

A lifelong soccer player, Silberman was a club soccer player at the University of Wisconsin and attended MIT where she wrote a thesis on how athletes use video games to improve their performance.

The regional combines are for players who want to try out, but were not invited to the main combine being held currently in Indianapolis.

Silberman will compete against college kickers in New Jersey on March 2 and 3 for the chance to head to the Dallas super-regional combine in April.